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0800 211 8030



For Small Volume Collections:

  • Order bags and seals by phone or email.

  • Prepay per bag, most forms of payment accepted. All prices plus VAT. 

  • Bags are posted or delivered with seals, then collected on next route in your area.

  • Receipts are issued for every sealed bag collected, which is then shredded at our depot – a certificate of shredding will be issued by post or email. 


 Average size of bag equivalent to one filing cabinet drawer.


For larger volumes of shredding: 

  • We provide a 80 / 120 / 240 litre bin free of charge on a contract basis. 

  • On a non contract basis we offer a buy-back trial option whereby you purchase a bin/console, we will collect upon request, then if you should want to stop using our services. we will buy back the equipment at half price.

  • As above but we provide a console cabinet with bag inside free of charge.

  • Ideal for offices as it is smart, lockable and complements most office furniture!


Ad Hoc Large Volume Collections:

  • Large volumes are subject to separate discounted rate.


None of the bins or bags provided may be contaminated with non-paper material:

  • No plastic wallets

  • No lever arch files

  • No Plastic Cups


For more details call us on 0800 211 8030 or email us at [email protected]

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